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Dog Bite Injuries – Animal Attack Lawyers

Dog Bite Injuries – Animal Attack Lawyers

Let’s just say that not all dogs are sweet and cuddly. In fact, dog attacks are unfortunately a very common occurrence. It is estimated that over 4 million people become dog bite victims every year. It is also estimated that nearly a million of those dog bite cases are serious enough to require medical attention. If you or your child has been the victim of a dog bite, it is imperative that you seek the counsel of a qualified dog bite bite attorneys

Understanding Dog Bite Laws

Every state has its own set of dog bite laws. All dog owners have a responsibility to identify the dangerous propensities of their animal and take precaution to prevent attacks and injuries to the public. However, it is much more difficult that you think identifying responsible parties and their insurers while crafting a winning case for the liability of the dog owner.
The Dangerous Dog Statute – The dog, without provocation, has acted in a menacing manner twice within 18 months causing a reasonable person to feel the need to defend themselves from the dog if they are not locked up or confined within the owner’s property. More on this website

The Viscous Dog Statute –
A dog that attacks or injures a person without provocation and inflicts serious injury or even death.
The Owner Liability – The owner is fully liable if they are aware of the dog’s tendency to attack and they are required to take necessary precautions to prevent such events.
When our law firm is on your side, you don’t need to understand the different dog bite laws – you can leave that to us. We will represent your rights in a professional and aggressive manner while making sure every angle is covered so you and your family can focus your time on recovering and moving on with your life.

What to Do When You Are the Victim of an Animal Attack

Animal attacks take a toll on any individual and family having to endure this experience. First, there are the physical injuries. It is important that you receive proper medical attention right away. If you do not the injuries could get worse causing the need for long-term care.
You also need to address your mental and emotional well-being. When you experience a traumatic event, such as an animal attack, there will most likely be lasting effects that may require you to seek professional counsel. As experienced dog bite attorneys, we ensure that you receive help for all areas that are affected through a situation such as this.personal injury law

Sensitivity & Experience You Need to Defend Your Case

When our law office is on your side we will make sure that your rights are not forgotten. We have been able to help previous clients receive compensation in the following areas:
Medical Expenses
Lost Wages
Lost Earning Capacity
Pain and Suffering
Wrongful Death

Our law firm understands that when a dog bite occurs it can be a very stressful situation. You may be wondering where to turn for help – especially as your medical bills start to accumulate. We are here to help you as a dog bite victim and guarantee personal attention to you and your case. We are not just a law firm that goes through the legal motions. Not only do we guide you through the legal process, we also ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve to find true justice for the pain and suffering you are experiencing.
If you or a family member has been attacked by a dog, seek a personal injury attorney with experience in dog bite incidents immediately. These cases require a lot of investigation and are subject to a statue of limitations. Please contact our office now for your free consultation.

Truck Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Law

Truck Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Law

Hiring a lawyer is the farthest thing from your mind when the tragedy of a truck accident strikes you, a family member, or a friend. However, this is when you need a Truck Accident Lawyer most. Do yourself a favor by calling one of our qualified truck accident lawyers. Hire a qualified tractor trailer accident lawyer to help protect your rights.truck accident attorneys

Truck Drivers Need to Maintain Their Brakes

Whether a trucker is from your area or just passing through on the way somewhere else, if he has bad brakes, he knows it. Whether he is an owner-operator or an employee driving an 18 wheeler or big-rig, it is he who is responsible for keeping the truck’s brakes in good, working condition. There are many brake repair shops for a semi-truck trucker to choose from before entering congested interstates and truck routes with their commercial vehicle. The trucker’s failure to repair faulty brakes is considered negligence if an accident ensues. And, if a lawsuit is filed to protect the injury victim, the truck driver has no excuse for failing to repair the brakes.

There are a multitude of brake and repair shops where a truck driver could stop to have his brakes inspected and/or repaired. As noted, there is absolutely no excuse for a truck’s brakes to fail and a truck driver will be held negligent if this happens.

Failure to properly maintain brakes is considered negligence on the part of the truck driver. Truck Accident Lawyers can help you prove your case against the trucking company.

Truck Brake Experts
Truck accident lawyers have experts that they call upon who actually specialize in truck brakes. If the accident is serious enough, and you call soon enough, a seasoned personal injury trial lawyer already knows the experts to call upon. The trucking expert will come and assess the brakes and gather any braking evidence from the scene of the accident. The trial attorney will do what is necessary to preserve the evidence, protect your rights, and fully determine whether the cause of the truck accident was a braking issue.

Truck Accident Lawyers File
It is important to hire a qualified truck accident lawyer who knows the Federal laws, such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act, and trucking regulations, including law governing improper brake maintenance. Filing your lawsuit in the proper venue. It is important because it is these courts that carry high enough monetary jurisdictional thresholds that they are often utilized by trucking injury law firms. Just some examples of courts are:accident injury lawyers

Even though the accident may occur in one city, often the truck company’s official headquarters will be in another city. The negligent trucking company could also be from another state. Trucking companies often operate in states other than where they are “domiciled.” This is also true for the truck driver’s residence.

The choice of where to file your lawsuit is called “venue selection,” or “choice of venue.” There are an intricate set of rules governing where your truck injury claim can be filed, and it is essential that an experienced truck injury attorney evaluate all of the available venues before choosing where to file your lawsuit. The venue where the lawsuit may be filed could be the state where the truck accident occurred, the state where the trucking company is located, or even the state where the truck driver lives. Please do not try to figure out which venue is preferable yourself, because it takes years of experience to appreciate all the factors that go into this decision. Rather, call an experienced truck accident lawyer for advice on how to proceed with your claim.

After a truck accident, you may feel helpless and anxious. Take control of your life by calling a Truck Accident Lawyer, who will handle your case with care and attention.